Greenpoint Recession Watch: Pencil Factory Lofts Gets Served


I have been queried by a number of people lately about the status of the Pencil Factory Lofts (as seen above). Some of you might remember this site has been troubled this year: among other things, work was stalled back in May and a new construction company was purportedly brought in to complete it. Well, long story made short, it would appear that work has halted once again. Exactly why, I do not know. When will it resume, you ask? That’s anyone’s guess. But taking into account what I found at their former sales office this afternoon I’d hazard to say the prognosis isn’t looking very good.



In post-real estate boom Greenpoint eviction papers are the new black!


Miss Heather

Images Credits: Pencil Factory Lofts image comes courtesy of Curbed.


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  1. Mimi Wang on Mon, 21st Jun 2010 9:27 am
  2. The whole inside story about my Pencil Factory Condo unit buying process and other people’s stories.

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