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It has been some time since I have revisited this property. I have written about it rather extensively and as of the last post it has been served a Stop Work Order. A number of people have wondered what is slated to grace this property. Well, I have the answer: it is going to be a laundromat. I suspect many will agree with me that such a business is sorely needed in this part of Greenpoint.

But this post isn’t about a dearth of goods and services. That is boring. Rather, I am going to write about how I learned this space is going to be a laundromat. This is infinitely more interesting, as you will see.

After pulling some seriously brutal hours, the Mister took last Friday off. Inasmuch as I can deduce he spent it playing around on the computer. This is his usual m.o. when he has down time. In any case, whatever he was doing was interrupted by a phone call. It was our landlord. He was quite upset. Long story made short: he was the author of the work at 155 Calyer Street. After receiving a Stop Work Order his secretary did some research and discovered New York Shitty. Somehow they put it together who is the author of this site: me.

My husband informed me that our landlord seemed to be under the impression I was angry at him and raised a stink about 155 Calyer to take a dig at him. I can assure you (and him if he is reading this) this was and is not the case. Had I known he was responsible for this I probably would have approached the matter a little differently. I probably would have given him a head’s up that the work at this site has come to the attention of a number of people and the absence of any work permits was probably going to net a complaint to the Department of Buildings. But why trifle with what could have been? Here and now my landlord thinks I have it out for him.

I do not. But I (and a number of other Greenpoint residents) do have a “thing” for illegal demolition and construction work. Especially when it comes to landmarked properties. This is the result of witnessing years upon years of watching abuse being heaped upon this neighborhood and my community’s quality of life at the behest of unscrupulous speculators. And this city’s seeming unwillingness to do anything about it.

What’s more, I really like purple aluminum siding.

All in all, our landlord is a swell guy. Although I have voiced frustrations about the living conditions in our humble abode in the past, since there was a change in management— and our former Super was sent packing (that man was about as worthless as they come)— things have been quite good. When things break (and they do, this is inevitable) they are fixed in a timely manner and more importantly they are fixed properly. I would not have a signed a two year lease (sans rider— which was one of the most odious and legally questionable documents I have ever seen and it should be noted was NOT drawn up by our landlord) last month if I was unhappy. Much to the contrary: I am quite happy.

Except for the fact I probably had a hand in getting my landlord in trouble. I feel pretty bad about that.

I am certain when this laundomat is up and running it be an asset— not a detriment— to the community. Foremost and above all (and I suspect I speak for many when I write this) I am relieved that this space is not going to be another bar. We have way too many of these already.

Miss Heather


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  1. neighborhood threat on Wed, 20th Jan 2010 11:55 am
  2. Your landlord can blame me. All you did was report what I sent to you.

    I am THRILLED that this is going to be a laundromat. The neighborhood BADLY needs one. And it looks like his plan is to combine the spaces and make a nice big laundromat, which will be even better. Lots of people in the neighborhood were upset with the laundromat which was there closed.

    All of that said, dude has to get his permits, no matter how awesome a landlord he is, or how much the neighborhood needs a laundromat.

  3. neighborhood threat on Wed, 20th Jan 2010 11:56 am
  4. p.s. tell your landlord to please clean up in front of the space or he’s going to get a sanitation ticket

  5. d on Wed, 20th Jan 2010 12:07 pm
  6. Wow, what a coinkidink that it was your landlord!

    I, for one, am extremely relieved that this is going to be another laundromat and it sounds like the entire building will be put to that use instead of split up as it has been in the past. I live right around the corner and have sorely missed the convenience, the one a few blocks away near the corner of Greenpoint Ave and Franklin jacked up their rates not too long ago (although they do have a lovely storefront).

  7. eaglestreeter on Wed, 20th Jan 2010 12:32 pm
  8. I’m honestly confused about why you would feel bad. He is guilty of the transgression he is accused of. Why should your feelings toward him be any different than your attitude towards those transgressors on other properties who still remain anonymous? I’m curious to know if he had any reasonable excuse for his laxity that made you feel a bit guilty/bad/whatever. It might be interesting to get a landlord/builder side of the story occasionally. Maybe ask him to respond and then post it? I think that would be enlightening for those of us who have to deal with these people frequently and find their behaviour inexplicable.

  9. missheather on Wed, 20th Jan 2010 12:46 pm
  10. There is never a legitimate reason for doing work without a permit. I don’t care if I know the person responsible or not.

    I feel bad about the situation: he was under the impression I hated him and/or had it out for him and this was my way of getting revenge. I am not that kind of person. He should know this by now. I have always been very upfront with him. Truth be told, the fact he thought this hurts my feelings. His feelings are hurt, my feelings are hurt. Methinks this is a very legitimate, if human (and thus not empirical or rational), reason to feel bad.

    Otherwise you wrote: Maybe ask him to respond and then post it? I think that would be enlightening for those of us who have to deal with these people frequently and find their behaviour inexplicable.

    This may very well be a good idea. Need to mull it over.

  11. eaglestreeter on Wed, 20th Jan 2010 1:09 pm
  12. Ah..completely understand. Gotcha!

  13. amandabee on Wed, 20th Jan 2010 2:10 pm
  14. I’m mostly confused about why he called Mister and not you?

    Either way, I know the feeling. It sucks to bust someone you know and like, even when they’re fucking up.

  15. missheather on Wed, 20th Jan 2010 8:26 pm
  16. And chances are he was not completely aware of what he was getting into. My landlord is a smart man. Opening a laundromat at this location was a VERY wise move on his part. He just needs to get his procedural ducks in a row.

    On a purely academic level I cannot help but ponder the statistical probably of this happening. Seriously.

    But it has, and yes, it sucks. Best to look forward and/or on the up side: an area of Greenpoint which has been without a laundromat for a long time will get one— and it will be operated by a nice guy. As a couple of the previous comments indicate, this is exciting news. Imagine that: people getting excited about a laundromat! Not a bar, “hip” restaurant or chic boutique. There is something inexplicably wonderful about this.

  17. Ryan on Fri, 22nd Jan 2010 4:23 pm
  18. eek. awkward. That’s unfortunate, but calling out all the bad construction practices is totally legit.

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