New York Shitty Day Starter: Looking For Love In All The Wrong Places

If you have not made the acquaintance of north Brooklyn’s most nattily dressed print reporter, Aaron Short, you should. He’s an interesting guy with a very pithy sense of humor. We are in more or less constant communication with each other about one thing or another. Which brings me to the item to the left: Nominate Burg’s Most Eligible Bachelor!

Aaron writes: …would you mind posting this on the blog? We’re looking for bachelors. And if you’d like to nominate someone that would be awesome too. I’ll be sorting through applications.

To wit I replied: *shudder* I take it 11222 is ineligible and BedStuy is totally out?

I get an answer from Aaron: Live or work in Williamsburg. I’ll take 11222 probably.

Probably. This is unacceptable. I know a great many Greenpoint chaps who deserve lovin’. Love (or lust for that matter) is no respecter of zip codes. I know this from personal experience. So, as the ad hoc ombudswoman of Greenpoint, I laid down the law:

11222 or no dice. I drive a hard bargain for my constituents.

Aaron acquiesced: Fine.

Stand up and be counted, Greenpoint gents and the ladies who love them— if only as friends. Make Aaron learn the stuff 11222 men are made of! Here’s how:

Please e-mail the nominee’s name, contact information, and a brief 50-word statement why you think they deserve to be nominated to ashort (at) cnglocal (dot) com by Tuesday, February 9. The winners will be announced in our February 12 edition of the Williamsburg Courier.

Don’t let me down, Greenpointers. I fought hard for this. Albeit while exterminating the more interesting biological experiments from Chez Shitty’s refrigerator. As Rodney Dangerfield once sagely said in the movie that is Caddyshack:

Get laid for Greenpoint!

Miss Heather


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