New York Shitty Day Starter: A Simple Assault

Remember the melee in front of Club Exit I made mention of last November?

If not, no worries. This should bring you up to speed:

This was first brought to my attention by someone whose son is a friend of a someone involved, e.g.; via the Greenpoint grapevine. By that I mean the friend (of the son of my tipster) in question was allegedly beaten up by the police and went to the hospital. Per my tipster the fight started over a woman being harassed. Her son’s friend tried to intervene and police officers were knocking cameras out of the hands of bystanders. And busting heads.

This was brought to the attention of D. I. Fulton at the 94th Precinct Community Council Meeting on November 21. A Greenpoint citizen called it a brawl.

Mr. Fulton begged to differ.

It took awhile but a video documenting this incident has finally surfaced. Here it is.

And here is a description of what you have just seen per my tipster:

This video isn’t clear, but I’m familiar with some of the voices, since they are friends of my son. The video starts with my son’s friend K—- laying on the ground, handcuffed & unconscious. His friend A——, who is handcuffed, is yelling in the background to tell the police that his friend isn’t moving and in need of an ambulance. One of their friends D—– begins to video the scene. An officer pushes D—– with the video phone but the girl quickly regains control of the video phone and keeps running the video. Another girl M——, is screaming in the background and trying to get to K—- to see if he’s ok. (K—- is the kid that had his teeth knocked out by guys at Club Exit who were bothering one of the girls.) As you can see, the officers grab the unconscious K—- by the arms and drag him to a police car, not an ambulance. You can hear his friends calling out to the officers about getting an ambulance… None of the white Club Exit patrons were arrested, even though one of them knocked out K—–‘s teeth.

Kind of makes you happy Club Exit’s (ostensible) swan song was last night, yes?

Miss Heather

UPDATE: February 17, 2010; Here’s another video.


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