Greenpoint Photos Du Jour: Kingsland Avenue

February 17, 2010 by
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As a young angst-ridden feminist I used to stew over the manifold perquisites given to my male counterparts for no other ascertainable reason than they sported a certain physical appendage I lacked. This was the source of a considerable amount of resentment and bitterness for yours truly for a very long time. Then, in the clarity of my 30’s I thought the better of it: if I were born a Mister I’d simply get into more trouble than I do as a Miss. I’d also probably get my ass kicked. A LOT.

Time heals all wounds.

There is a more than grain of truth to this adage. I’ve learned to accept my lot. Besides, if I was a he I wouldn’t have half the fun I do as a she. Among other things men wouldn’t offer me candy. Not in Bushwick anyway. But this is not to suggest I don’t feel the occasional pang that comes from being bereft of a wang. CASE IN POINT: something I found on Kingsland Avenue earlier today.

Even the older and (much) angrier feminist I am in 2010 cannot help but take a moment to admire this level of pen(is)manship.

Is that a cursive M I spy with my little eye? And to think some have the temerity to call our fair city’s public education system a failure…

Miss Heather


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