Greenpoint Photos Du Jour: Java Street

I don’t know about you but this on-again, off-again drab weather is really getting my goat.  If for no other reason because I am holed up in my apartment. And when I am holed up in my apartment I look around, see what a total and utter fucking mess it is and try to clean it up. When I start cleaning I embark upon a journey of discovery which invariably ends in self-recrimination. Last week, for example, I found my college transcripts (I graduated magna cum laude, lest you are wondering) and my MFA diploma stashed under a July 1984 issue of Hustler.

I fully realize this would qualify as “failure” to most people. Thankfully I grade my life on a bell curve. More than anything I am angry at myself I kept that magazine and tossed the Playboy with Barbara Bach in it. But I digress.

This morning I decided to head this cloyingly constructive behavior off at the proverbial pass: I went for a walk. When I reached the end of Java Street I found something rather interesting.

I quickly surmised mere photographs did not adequately convey this objet d’art. So I shot some video footage of it.

As I was about to walk away I noticed the Marlboro man bears an inscription.

I’m Chris (indecipherable).
Stay in school or you’ll be a bike horse man!

So there have you. Stay in school kids, or you might find yourself shackled for all eternity somewhere on Greenpoint’s waterfront. Believe you me when I write this: it ain’t for the feint at heart.

Miss Heather


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  1. d on Thu, 4th Mar 2010 1:21 pm
  2. That is fantastic.

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