New York Shitty Day Ender: Nassau Avenue Crater Fixed!

Remember the crater/portal at the intersection of Newel Street and Nassau Avenue that Jay Lombard brought to my attention January 28, 2010? It took six weeks— but it has been repaired!

He writes:

This isn’t earth shattering-ly amazing news BUT it was nice to see. Remember that photo I sent a few weeks ago of the large hole in the street on Nassau? Well, it was repaired recently and I like to think that calling 311 helped get it fixed a little faster than not reporting it at all. Won’t know the answer to that, but they did a damn fine job patching it up! Now if only we could stop drivers (and pedestrians) from texting when they should be watching where they’re going then the streets of NYC will be safe for EVERY body.

I even saw a dude texting while riding his bike down manhattan ave – at least he was in the bike lane.


As it would happen I spent a great deal of my time today communicating with a buddy of mine who is a community liaison for our State Assemblyman: Joe Lentol. First we discussed the lack of proper sanitation on Eagle Street. Then we went over the chicken feet at the American Playground. What does it say about our city when it takes six weeks to fix a pothole and a State Assemblyman feels compelled to raise said city’s awareness of quality of life issues in Greenpoint? The answer is very simple: not much.

Miss Heather


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