Crosstown Local Photos Du Jour: Manifest Destiny At Greenpoint Avenue

As it would happen the Mister majored in History (with a concentration on European history) and I minored in History (with an emphasis on Latin American/Colonial Spanish History). Needless to say we, as dorks, took rapt interest in this primer. History is not a field one studies in the hopes of earning a lot of money. But it does lend itself nicely to being pedantic on occasion. This is one of them. Here’s our “Church Avenue Bound” platform analysis:

  1. Does the “acquisition” of Hawaii date from when it became a territory or a state? This is a matter of opinion.
  2. Texas was an independent republic before it became part of the United States. This is nitpicking to be certain, but it is true. The second President of Texas was Sam Houston. As one of his descendants I feel rather strongly about pointing this out as he made this happen— for better or worse.
  3. Whoever inscribed this poster needs a primer on the Texas Revolution/War For Independence, Louisiana Purchase and the Mexican-American War. California, Arizona, New Mexico and Texas were the spoils from the lattermost. A conflict the Mister called the first war of “acquisition”.
  4. I’m kind of surprised this person didn’t make note that Alaska was purchased by the United States from Russia for the sum of $7,200,000.00 by one William H. Seward (hence why it was called “Seward’s Icebox”). He was, prior to being Secretary of State for Abraham Lincoln and Andrew Johnson, the 12th Governor of New York State. He also has a statue erected in his memory at Madison Square Park.

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