Greenpoint Video Du Jour: Fire Truck Chorus

As some of you, dear readers, might know your truly has been under the weather of late. I do not know if it is a cold (anymore) or allergies. Frankly it doesn’t matter: it sucks. In any case today I mustered up the energy and moseyed over to Monitor Street and Norman Avenue. You see, I have been voicing concerns with the transportation chair of Community Board 1, Karen Nieves, about road/sidewalk maintenance and congestion in this general area. The purpose of today’s sojourn was to document conditions at this intersection and Monitor Street in general. I was not only successful in this endeavor* but I came away with a little “added value”: making the acquaintance of a fire truck siren mimicking dog. Yes, you have read me correctly. But don’t take my word for it: without further ado, here it is. NOTE: listen carefully towards the end. Enjoy!

After the conclusion of this performance I inquired of his person this pup’s name. “His name is Zeus” she replied “and he thinks he is a god”. As do I, Zeus, as do I…

Miss Heather

*documenting Northside car service vehicles idling, cars parked on the sidewalk and double parked on the street and other fun stuff which can be seen here.


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