The Pulaski Bridge: Like No Other Place In The World

Today I learned via liQcity that Long Distance Voyager, a runner who operates a blog stationed in our fair city, has named the Pulaski Bridge as his “Bridge of the week”. Phil McCartney, this blog’s author, writes:

…Besides the Newtown Creek, the bridge also crosses over the entrance to the Queens-Midtown Tunnel. It provides a nice view of the Manhattan skyline as well

It is rather breathtaking, isn’t? I found it hardly surprising that I was not the only person who saw fit to take a moment to savor this lovely sunset: a group of youths were busy taking photos on their i-Phones and a family of five paused to take notice as well. While largely unsung, the Pulaski (and the scenic vistas sports) inspires a great many people in a manifold number of ways. This I learned both firsthand and via a very nice lady named Christina. She had a most interesting tale to tell. It went more or less as follows.

She was walking across the bridge one evening when she spied a shirtless man staring intently at the Manhattan skyline. His expression was one of bliss. As she got closer the reason for this gent’s beatific state became manifest: he was masturbating. I will readily admit I have seen of a lot of unusual stuff in my life and have read flowery rhetoric extolling the man-made work of art that is New York City’s skyline. But this is arguably the first time I have ever heard about the likes of the Empire State Building, Chrysler Building, et. al., being fodder for sexual gratification. I guess there is something to the adage:

They say there are different strokes for different folks.

In any case, shortly after Catherine and I parted company I had my very own special Pulaski Bridge experience.

What is important in the above photograph is what you are not seeing: this woman’s (as indicated by the red arrow) breasts which I can personally attest were a few seconds previously frolicking in the sunshine. Why she suddenly became modest at the prospect of a handful of pedestrians (as opposed to the borough of Manhattan: population ~2,000,000) getting a glimpse of her mams confuses me even two days later. Then again I have also never been greeted by someone with a belch. Which is what this woman did while reaching for her pack of smokes.

Congratulations, Pulaski. You’re one in a million!

Miss Heather


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