Breaking On The NY Post: The McCarren Park Bathrooms Are Disgusting!

Not that this is really news to me, the readers of this web site or those who have had the misfortune of patronizing the McCarren Park bathrooms, mind you. That’s yesterday’s news. What IS news to me, rather, is apparently the Post finds it not only acceptable to poach from blogs— to which I have regrettably grown accustomed— but now they have kicked it up a notch by actually “quoting” the blogger whose material they “sourced”!

But don’t take my word for it. Look at the following screencap and decide for yourself. It is an item I posted on the Community Board 1 Yahoo group making my friends and neighbors aware of the deplorable state of the woman’s comfort station at McCarren Park. Note the date.

Just for kicks here’s a screencap of what a few other people had to say about the state of our public lavatories.

Charming, eh? If Mr. Murdoch, et. al. is so keen on poaching my material and has now seen fit to quote me perhaps he should just bite the bullet and hire me? Scratch that. Why should he buy the cow when he can get the milk for free?

Miss Heather


3 Comments on Breaking On The NY Post: The McCarren Park Bathrooms Are Disgusting!

  1. eriatric on Wed, 2nd Jun 2010 6:58 pm
  2. Oh I’m sure that “lucky devil” was most certainly there, taking notes in his intrepid reporter’s notebook on teh filth. Wack to the nth degree. Tried plugging your blog (the non-shitty version) in the Post comments but was still thwarted by an “inappropriate” language disclaimer. Hmmm. Anyway, left something else which I’m sure will be scrubbed at some point.

  3. missheather on Wed, 2nd Jun 2010 7:07 pm
  4. NICE. Just screencapped it! Thanks!

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