Happy Father’s Day From New York Shitty!

While perhaps not the best way to kick off Father’s Day I suspect Pa Heather would appreciate it. A rather nice lager is lodged in this sneaker (which can be found on North 10 Street). But this post isn’t about lager or sneakers. It’s about Father’s Day. I suppose I should write a few thoughts about my own.

Retirement has mellowed out Pa Heather’s otherwise dour and highly rigid disposition considerably. I suppose the previous comes with being an accountant. But an ample amount of free time coupled with high speed Internet access has enabled him, not unlike myself, to air his discontentment to a wider audience (much to elected officials dismay). Most recently— and as my inbox humble site will attest— by calling the fair mayor of our city (and I quote):

a flaming asshole.

I suspect a fair number of people, myself included, would agree with his assessment.

But Pa Heather and I did not see eye to eye for a long time. This was because we were (and are) alike in many ways— yet different in others— and were too damned stubborn to admit it. While sporting Pa Heather’s attitude, general awareness and proclivity for profanity, order (as Pa Heather knows it) does not exist in my universe. He and Mister Heather commiserate over this. Often. Simply put: I drove him nuts.

But our respective hearts were and are in the same place. Most importantly, my father inculcated in my person values, while deemed antiquated by some, I still espouse and consider of value:

  1. Elected officials are accountable to the citizenry, not the other way around.
  2. One can get recognition— if not monetary gain— by working hard and following the dictates of one’s own conscience. New York Shitty being chosen as the Village Voice’s Best Neighborhood Blog of 2009 made me happy. I work my ass off. To get a second shout-out via their I Blog New New York issue was pure gravy. My dad being proud, sending out bukos of emails to his friends announcing the good news and adding me to his RSS feed meant a lot more.
  3. Character and honesty counts, e.g.; just because everyone seems to think something is “okay” doesn’t mean you don’t have the right to think and say—- publicly— it is wrong.

On that note this one’s for you Pa Heather: a choice excerpt from one of our favorite movies.*

Moving forward I will give gray hair to other, more deserving individuals, dad.

Love you!

Miss Heather

*What’s Up Doc


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