From The New York Shitty Inbox: Bomb Scare?

This is proving to be a very interesting day. First it was a dead body being retrieved from McCarren Park this morning and now I have gotten word there has been a bomb scare at— get this—  the Greenpoint Branch of the Brooklyn Public Library. Some of you might recall this building is currently closed for renovations. Here’s what my tipster had to say via text (after I inquired “Are You Serious?”):

Yes. Tons of police. People are saying that they found “something”. But that’s all I got.

It goes without saying that if anyone has more information about this please share via comments or email at: missheather (at) newyorkshitty (dot) com.


Miss Heather

UPDATE, 7:22 p.m.: We have a confirmation/corroboration. Anonymous writes:

I live on the block by the Greenpoint branch of the Brooklyn library, and I can confirm at least the reports of a bomb scare. They have been there for about two hours at least; we walked by there going to dinner and then by the time we got back, they had cordoned off several more blocks. One cop told me the same thing as the person who texted you (that there was “something”) and also encouraged me to ske-daddle; but my boyfriend got more info from the other cop. He said it was some kind of device and they were dealing with it, and that it was a bomb scare.

UPDATE, 10:12 p.m.: And at last we may very well have the lowdown. It is, well, rather Greenpointesque. Anonymous the Second writes:

I… was one of the people who couldn’t get back into my building. We were told by one of the detectives (who was very friendly and seemed to be very chill) that the thing they found was a black bag, containing 2 large polish beer bottles with a suspicious straw connecting the two….a kind of straw that is not usual in a situation like that (not sure what that can mean) but with no timing device. Because of it being a post 9-11 world, they had to treat the package like they would a bomb. The detective seemed to encourage refrain from telling the whole world to keep pranksters from getting any ideas.

I wonder what the make and model of this ‘ordinance’ would happen to be? My educated guess: Zywiec. 24 Ounces.

UPDATE, July 8, 7:20 p.m.: The “bomb” has been identified! You can read about it here.


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  1. thenextstopwillbe on Thu, 8th Jul 2010 10:11 am
  2. i wondered what the fuss was when i got home last night. thanks for the PSA!

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