Greenpoint Photos Du Jour: Connie O’s Gets A Makeover

After I took the above photographs noting Connie O’s new look a woman approached. She opened the conversation as follows:

My sister owns this bar. You’re not going to sue her or anything, are you?


Oh no, I just noticed your new sign. I really like it.

Lady: “Oh. Get those photos in a magazine, okay?”

Regrettably I cannot make this woman’s wish a reality— but I can tell you I have heard good buzz about this establishment. Apparently the beer there is among the cheapest to be found in the neighborhood!

Miss Heather

UPDATE, July 11, 2010: A rather ugly incident at this establishment has been brought to my attention via comments.


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  1. gee on Sun, 11th Jul 2010 1:11 pm
  2. Connie O’s has the dive-ish qualities that many people look for in a neighborhood bar. Big Buck Hunter, cheap beer, and the slight stench of urinal cakes….all of which I (for one) welcome as quaint and friendly. Unfortunately, the “regulars” don’t seem to take kindly to strangers. Upon walking through the door a few weeks ago with a couple of friends, the music on the jukebox suddenly stopped mid-Metallica and everyone stared at us with beady little eyes. The bartender wasn’t very friendly (which honestly, I can overlook), but there was tension in the air. Weird tension. Soon enough however, the other patrons seemed to forget about us, and we had a couple drinks. I ordered another cheapo Budweiser only to get it for free. (lucky me, right?) Unfortunately, she made it clear that she wanted to leave and was uninterested in taking my money. (Not the kind of buy-back I’m used to, but I drank it. Quickly.) So we take the hint and call it a night even though the “regulars” continue to drink and have “good ‘ol” fun amongst themselves.

    I was then called a “Fat Faggot” by one of the “good ‘ol boys” on my way out.

    I’m not saying that Connie O’s is a shithole, ’cause it’s not….they just got a new sign. I’m saying that the inbred clientele was surprisingly stereotypical. They do have cheap beer though.

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