A Greenpoint Bomb Scare Update

Today I was contacted by someone we’ll call Q about yesterday’s bomb scare. He/she writes:

I have pictures of the “package” and some on the spot comments.  i was there for two hours. LMK

To wit I replied:

I hope you were not one of the poor unfortunates that couldn’t go into their apartments because of that? Yeesh. Sure, send me over what you got. Thanks!

Sure enough, Q delivered the goods. He/she writes:

Attached are pictures of the device and the Bomb Squad investigating it. No, I was not misplaced, but did have a suggestion to what it might be. The bomb squad pretty much snubbed me.

Turned out I was right anyway. Being a biker (Motorcycle) I used to use a method (pictured) to adjust my carburetor.

So there have you.

Miss Heather

P.S.: You can see the first four images in larger format by clicking on them.


2 Comments on A Greenpoint Bomb Scare Update

  1. feinsodville on Fri, 9th Jul 2010 1:00 pm
  2. Seems like it would’ve been a much better use of city resources if they would do something about the large colony of pigeons that live under the closed travel agency awning on that very same block on the other side of the street, and who cover the sidewalk entirely in pigeon poop. Walking by it has become an exercise in avoiding diving pigeons.

    But anyway, glad this turned out to be nothing.

  3. Tony From Kent Street on Sat, 10th Jul 2010 9:37 am
  4. That looks a lot more suspicious than the previously reported “two empty Polish beer bottles with a straw”. I think the person who left that on the street should pay for all the police activity that took place there. Anyone with an ounce of intelligence knows that leaving weird, not commonly known (unless you’re a biker) devices on sidewalks will result in an over-cautious police investigation. Thanks for the pictures; this makes me think that taking the safer approach to this device isn’t an inefficiency on the part of the authorities.

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