Greenpoint Fashion Watch: Fabulous Paid Forward

Earlier today I had someone compliment me on my outfit. More specifically she found it cute how I always manage to incorporate pink into my daily wardrobe. I assured her this was not entirely deliberate. You see, being the kind of person who— more often than not— takes an hour to decide what she wants for lunch I have streamlined my morning ritual, e.g.; I pick one item of clothing and then build the day’s “look” around it. Now factor in that I own a great deal of pink clothing and you get the idea. Head to toe pinkitude.

I mention the previous anecdote because I found someone whose monochromatic fabulousness must be shared with the general public.

I have seen this woman around the neighborhood before. I had never gotten the chutzpah to tell her amazing I think her fashion sense is— until today. What you cannot see very clearly in the above picture, dear readers, are Susan’s (that’s her name) magnificently blinged-out nose jewelry (which I’d hazard to guess came in at around a karat) and customized eyeglasses. On the latter she has applied broken bits of paste jewelry to make them, well, more sparkly. The fact she was a really nice lady to boot rounds out her ensemble perfectly; Susan sparkles on the outside because she’s sparkly on the inside!

In closing I’d like to give a big New York Shitty salute to Susan for beautifying Greenpoint— one rhinestone— and smile— at a time!


Miss Heather


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