Reader Contribution Du Jour, Part II: Bullsh*t

The above image was taken by John, who writes:

Once again, G shut down for the weekend.  I think I recognize the handwriting as the “stop Afghanistan” guy… But must agree that this is bullshit! From the Greenpt ave stop.

Given that Atlantic Antic is this upcoming Sunday this will undoubtedly be a total and utter fiasco. Way to go, MTA!

Miss Heather


9 Comments on Reader Contribution Du Jour, Part II: Bullsh*t

  1. Tracer Bullet on Thu, 23rd Sep 2010 10:42 am
  2. They’re doing track work. Would you like the trains to derail?

  3. threehz on Thu, 23rd Sep 2010 12:12 pm
  4. maybe they should do this work at a more convenient time… meaning not FRIDAY NIGHT, and ALL DAY saturday and sunday? how about midnight to 5am? plus, the shuttle bus service is a joke at best.

  5. Tracer Bullet on Thu, 23rd Sep 2010 3:19 pm
  6. The problem with that is simply that the work they’re doing is too complex to stop and start in 5 hour increments like that. I understand the frustrations with suspending train service for multiple weekends like this, but it is necessary work, and spouting off about it with no knowledge of what they’re doing or why they’re doing it when they’re doing it doesn’t make anyone take you seriously.

    Unfortunately, suspending train service for the entire weekend to perform this work *is* the most convenient time.

  7. rowan on Thu, 23rd Sep 2010 5:49 pm
  8. As much as I am inconvenienced by no G train service (it is the sole subway in my neighborhood), Tracer Bullet makes a good point. In this instance, sections of the concrete track bed are being replaced along the G-line. To explain the exact whys is too much info for a flyer but answers can be found on the MTA’s site and Twitter profile. And so it goes.

  9. missheather on Thu, 23rd Sep 2010 5:55 pm
  10. @ Rowan & TB: my issue is the timing of said repairs. The G train ran when the Mermaid Parade came to pass. One would think (hope?) the MTA would be mindful enough to know that suspending G train service during Atlantic Antic is going to pose some issues for north Brooklynites. Why didn’t they pick another weekend? That’s all I am asking.

  11. rowan on Thu, 23rd Sep 2010 7:12 pm
  12. Your question makes sense, Miss H; I’m guessing that they’d like to get this kind of work done before temperatures drop.

  13. AlleyCat on Thu, 23rd Sep 2010 7:37 pm
  14. It’s easy to get annoyed at the service interruptions because it seems like its only the g train that gets suspended on such a consistent basis. In my experience, I haven’t come across any other line that is closed so often. Clearly safety is the main concern here, but it seems like it would be much easier to shut it down for a week and simply get it all done rather than dragging it out over a dozen weekends. But what do I know?

    @rowan–I’m not sure if that’s the case because I distinctly remember freezing my mammaries off waiting for the shuttle bus on SEVERAL occasions last winter.

    I’m with missheather. They suspended service over the summer when there was some big music festival on Coney Island, and the shuttle busses couldn’t handle the number of people trying to get down to the F train. It was a clusterfuck at best.

  15. Tracer Bullet on Fri, 24th Sep 2010 1:02 pm
  16. Everyone is making good points about the particular weekends the MTA chooses to do work, but I would submit that, on the whole, there’s *always* some weekend event *somewhere*. No matter what weekend they choose, some people are going to be inconvenienced. I’m not sure what the MTA can do, save polling G train riders about which weekends they would like no train service… and I’m sure you would agree that that would be a futile exercise, for a number of reasons.

  17. Tracer Bullet on Fri, 24th Sep 2010 1:03 pm
  18. @AlleyCat

    Actually, many train lines are partially shut down over the weekends- it’s recently happened to the L, 1, and 7, and that’s just off the top of my head.

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