Spotted On Leonard Street: DIY

Yours truly has lived in Greenpoint for over ten years now. Over the past decade I have seen of number of interesting things here. And each and every time I think I cannot possibly see anything else in the way of weirdness I am proven wrong. CASE IN POINT: something I saw on Leonard Street this afternoon.

What initially caught my attention was the industrial sewing machine. Why it is there is anyone’s guess. Greenpointers get pretty imaginative when it comes to garden decor. Then I noticed the flashlight hanging on the front door and no less than three hand-written notes. We’ll start with the one on the far right.

A rather detailed set of instructions…

which continue in the window to the left!

New York Shitty analysis: my knee jerk reaction to this “set up” was as follows;

Wouldn’t just having visiting parties call you using their cell phones be easier?

But then I thought the better of it. This arrangement is much more interesting— and dare I say a wee bit kinky!

Miss Heather

P.S.: Why can’t I get the bathtub scene from The Shining out of my head after seeing this?


2 Comments on Spotted On Leonard Street: DIY

  1. Lisanne! on Tue, 5th Oct 2010 4:25 pm
  2. If you pass by often enough you could start a separate blog detailing the activities of the residents.

  3. missheather on Tue, 5th Oct 2010 6:58 pm
  4. Screw that: this person (who I cannot shake the suspicion must have been an air raid/black out warden during World War II) should have their own blog! The information super highway may not be their medium of choice, however. Morse code or Semaphore might be more his/her speed.

    Otherwise, there has been only one time someone shined a flashlight into a window of Chez Shitty. This came to pass a couple years ago when the teenage son of a neighbor, as he was sitting on the fire escape, shined a flash light on me as I was sleeping. This was at something like 1-2 in the morning. I don’t remember what I shouted but it hasn’t happened since!

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