Friday The 13th At Studio B

June 14, 2008 by
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One would think after having the Department of Buildings cite them for not having their Public Assembly paperwork in order (and having this brought to the attention of the Department of Consumer Affairs) that Studio B would cease their illicit behavior.

Nope. 9:45 last night they were gearing up to party on both floors! Do they have legal right to conduct business in this rooftop garden? No. They don’t exactly have right to do so on the first floor either. To Studio B’s credit, they may be scofflaws but at least they’re consistent.

An angry neighbor writes me (at 11:55 p.m.):

311 wouldn’t take my complaint because the same thing had just been called in to the DOB.

That’s one way of making the city look like it is doing it’s job and everything is hunky dory: refuse to document complaints. Speaking as someone who has worked in management (and actually gave a damn), however, this is very ineffective policy customer service-wise. And make no mistake about it— as tax payers (READ: clients), we are to be served by this city’s agencies— not the other way around.

When one client brought something to my attention, I took notice. When 2,3,4+ more people complained to me about the same thing, I addressed it. Immediately. I suppose that is the difference: I actually cared about the clients under my care. This city, apparently, doesn’t.

Miss Heather


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