Happy Valentine’s Day From New York Shitty!

This Valentine’s Day greeting hails from Grandma Rose’s (which serves pretty tasty fare, I will add) on Graham Avenue. Those of you who will be celebrating the day single, do not despair. Let the following dialogue from Chez Shitty (regarding the video I am about to share with you) provide some semblance of solace.

Me (with more than a hint of sarcasm): Love means never having to say you’re sorry.
The Mister: It means having to say you’re sorry for the rest of your life.

Without further ado here it is: one half of a conversation to which anyone who has ever been in a relationship— be it functional or otherwise— can relate. Enjoy!

Have a happy and safe Valentine’s Day, New York Shittites! May this day be filled with flowers, candy, romance or whatever. Speaking for Chez Shitty, yours truly has received a very special present from the Mister. Here’s how we broke the good news to the cantankerous and somewhat legendary proprietor of T & N Wine and Liquor: Chris.

Preface: The Mister decided upon exiting the Crosstown Local that he fancied a little Hennessy after his meal.* To this end we headed to T & N without delay.

Chris: Look at this attractive couple!
Me: You’re funny.
Chris: What are you doing for Valentine’s Day?
Me (to the Mister): Tell the nice man what you’re giving me for Valentine’s Day.
The Mister: I’m going out of town.

This was met with much amusement by our fellow liquor store patrons. Fret not, dear readers: the inhabitants of Chez Shitty, two legged and otherwise, will be eagerly awaiting— locks unchanged— the Mister’s return!

Miss Heather

*We are— albeit in a decidedly Garden Spot kind of way— not unlike Nick and Nora.


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