Fedders Friday: Luxury Friedrichs Edition

June 20, 2008 by
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Earlier this week my buddy over at Queens Crap and I were talking about this nugget of joy entitled “Greenpoint Lacks Luxe Condos” from The Real Deal. Here’s a snippet:

Greenpoint is an outpost of under-developed space. The neighborhood has been left largely untouched by luxury developments and rents can be as low as $1,300 for a one-bedroom apartment. Houses can still be bought for under $600,000. However, a few luxury developments have made their way into the community, notably Magic Johnson’s Viridan…

Clearly whoever wrote this has not set foot in this neighborhood— or we have differing opinions as to what constitutes “under-developed”. Speaking for myself, I think the conversion of this distinctive neighborhood into some petit bourgeois bedroom community/resort is progressing quite nicely. It does not need any “help”, thank you very much. Just take a look at this beauty going up on Newel Street.

What was the architect thinking when he (or she) decided to pair red brick with olive green and pigeon shit gray stucco? Seriously. Is this person color blind or did he think employing this jarring combination of colors was making a “statement”? Note the patch of yellow paint on the first floor. I am hoping against hope this is primer of something, but my gut instinct tells me otherwise.

Perhaps what The Real Deal was trying to say was Greenpoint is lacking in tasteful development. In which case, yes, we are definitely slow on the uptake. As for a $1,300 a month one bedroom, I wish these guys would tell me where it is. I haven’t heard of an apartment going for that price in years.

Miss Heather

P.S.: What really gets me about the “tone” is this tome is The Real Deal makes it seem like having a dearth luxury condominiums is a bad thing. Not every neighborhood can or should become a playground for the affluent. Just ask the folks who earn the median income here: $30,000 per year.


2 Comments on Fedders Friday: Luxury Friedrichs Edition

  1. amandabee on Fri, 20th Jun 2008 11:55 am
  2. I secretly don’t mind this week’s fedders special. I think you could probably put some kind of flowerbox over the fedders cover and pretend you never knew it was there.

    What bothers me is the suggestion that “as low as $1300” for a one bedroom on the G Train is remarkable. Maybe I’ll be in for a nasty shock if my own landlord ever decides to evaluate the market.

  3. digitalfront on Fri, 20th Jun 2008 3:34 pm
  4. The fedders in that building is just icing on the cake. Why can’t anyone just build a normal fucking brick building anymore. On a side note, 149 Huron looks like the builder forgot to put the front siding up and just left the insulation and beams exposed.

    Will anyone bring one of these architects to Greenpoint to actually SEE how it would fit in. Didn’t anyone designing 149 Huron think that maybe putting a bedroom window at sidewalk level would be a bad idea? You could probably put a brick through it and reach in and grab stuff from the place without actually setting your foot in. WTF.

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