Notes From the 94th Precinct Community Council Meeting

It was a pretty subdued meeting last night (and no spitting was spied by yours truly). Without further ado here is some footage with commentary.

PREFACE: a roll call was held and minutes from the previous meeting recited. Moving forward all 94th Precinct Community Council Meetings will be conducted at the Church of the Ascension:

127 Kent Street
Brooklyn, New York 11222

Click here for this year’s schedule of 94th Precinct Community Council Meetings.*

Various and sundry police officer introduced themselves:

  • Lieutenant  Marvin Louis, Community Affairs Officer for North Brooklyn Task Force.
  • Sargent Mullen: Head Inspector for the 94th Precinct. She mentions that an elderly woman was mugged on a Sunday en route to St. Stanislaus Kostka Church. The perpetrator of this crime has been caught.

Part I: D.I. Hurson give a run-down of crime statistics.

  • Crime was down 19% last month
  • Car break-ins are still the biggest problem.
  • Last month there were three car break-ins in as many weeks. This is good. And our multiple snow storms had something to do with it, as he notes.
  • Transportation/traffic enforcement is up 37%
  • The Phil Collins Parade is noted.
  • An attendee brings up the robbery at the Greenpoint Reformed Church. This came to pass during Friday night Bible study and I have been told that residents of both the Greenpoint Hotel and the 3/4 house have been ruled out as suspects.
  • The subject of the aforementioned mugging is resumed.
  • Traffic issues are discussed.

A representative from the Organized Crime Control Bureau (which covers drugs, prostitution, gambling and automobile theft) speaks. He advises everyone in attendance that if he/she sees any of the aforementioned activity to report it at: (646) 610-6610. Your identity will remain anonymous if you so desire.

Part II: Lincoln Restler introduces himself and suggests a cooperative policing model be established in north Greenpoint.

Part III: A Greenpointer reminisces about the bad old days and expounds upon about public policing. This garners much applause.

Part IV: A couple of citizens complain about graffiti

  • Interesting fact: per D.I. Hurson north Brooklyn leads the city in graffiti arrests.

Miss Heather

*A “Who’s Who” of whom to contact about various and sundry police issues can be found here.


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