LAST GASP: Reader Comment of the Week

(Or, Brooklyn Night Bazaar, Revisited)

michellemarye writes in regards to my previous post:

Here’s some more info about the event –

Yes, it would appear despite making overtures to our local Community Board that Aaron Broudo is bent on making his dream a reality. In the meantime, here is the reality of West Street.

And here is 27 West Street. As best as I can deduce it. There is no way to tell.

This pile of rubbish has been here for months. Possibly over a year. I have honestly lost track. Now imagine how several thousand party-goers will contribute to this problem, the burden this will place on our police department; angry neighbors (believe you me they will be calling 911) and the fact Mr. Broudo’s “backers” are no one I know from the neighborhood. Hell, he does not even state my neighborhood, Greenpoint, by name on his “Kickstarter” page (you learn that from his video). This stretch of land on our waterfront merely is (and I quote):

…an ideal outdoor location – a large 100,000 square foot industrial lot on Brooklyn’s East River overlooking a striking skyline of Manhattan.

Read it, watch it and weep.

Miss Heather


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