An Update Regarding The Proposed Reconstruction Of Nassau Avenue

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It took awhile to upload, but here it is: footage from this week’s meeting regarding the proposed overhaul of Nassau Avenue set to commence this upcoming spring. While this may of limited interest to many of you, dear readers, I strongly encourage you to pay attention to the last two videos. These are in regards to proposed traffic calming measures at the intersection of Nassau Avenue and McGuinness Boulevard. Among other things you will learn our very own “Boulevard of Death” is in the 99th percentile for pedestrian accidents/fatalities. Without further ado, here we go!

Video I: Introduction & Presentation

Video II: Conclusion of Presentation, Question & Answer Session Commences

Video III: Q & A Session, Continued

Video IV: Q & A Session, Continued

Video V: Q & A Session, Continued

Video VI: Q & A Session, Continued

Video VII: Q & A Session, Continued

Video VIII: A Presentation From A Representative Of The Department of Transportation

Video IX: Presentation Continued

New York Shitty Analysis/Commentary:

I will refrain from making any statements regarding the reconstruction of Nassau Avenue as I feel the attendees of said meeting did a pretty good job on that front. However, I will tender a few observations regarding the proposed traffic calming measures for the intersection of McGuinness Boulevard and Nassau Avenue.

1. What seems to have been lost by the Department of Transportation is the woeful lack of enforcement of speed limits (30 M.P.H) on the entirety of McGuinness Boulevard. A pedestrian refuge, however nice it may be, is not going to fix this problem or make McGuinness any safer.

2. Stating rather chirpily that you have lived in Greenpoint for five years is NOT going to go over well with a room full of old-school Garden Spotters.  I have lived here for 11 years and speak from a great deal of experience when I write this.

3. The allegation that the traffic counter was spending more time watching the ladies as opposed to 18 wheelers might have more substance to it than I initially realized. Here is how it was put to me by a New York Shitty reader:

…I saw the guy, he was ogling the bikes darting around delivery trucks and beat up minivans. The young lady with the glasses actually counts persons/vehicles.

What can you say? The Garden Spot does have more than its fair share of fetching females! In any case, here is the aforementioned proposal for those you who are interested in learning more about it. You should as this was brought to my attention by Ms. Nieves:

Just want to point out in DOT’s presentation “Alternate Routes” SB Left turn from McGuiness they have Left turn on Meserole Avenue you can not turn left on Meserole. It is Calyer Street that you can turn…


Miss Heather



2 Comments on An Update Regarding The Proposed Reconstruction Of Nassau Avenue

  1. rutila on Thu, 28th Apr 2011 1:04 pm
  2. It’d be nice to know why the length of time to cross McGuinness can’t be increased along the entire corridor. It’s like crossing a highway from the BQE exits on Meeker to the Pulaski Bridge. I really don’t like how the one thing the community’s asking for is swept immediately off the table. Kudos to the woman who brought up how narrow the side streets are. Had I been there — and I’m sorry I wasn’t — I would have mentioned the bike lane on Leonard (that more often than not is ignored by drivers anyway).

  3. ThisCommunityisOldThinking on Mon, 2nd May 2011 2:44 pm
  4. I was at the meeting, and I have to say being a Greenpoint resident of the last 15+ years, I am appalled at my community on their lack of civility, during this meeting. Constant yelling and bickering. I wanted to hear about the traffic calming idea, but instead was annoyed with all ridiculous b*tching, from the community without letting the young woman explain the Department of Transportation’s studies and reasoning behind her ideas. This is a great example of why I don’t attend these types of meetings that often. People yelling who think they are right without listening.

    Many lives have been taken along the intersection of McGuinness Blvd. and Nassau over the years so the least the OLD community could do is fully listen for ways to solve this. I can completely see how that intersection needs to be changed. I drive through there occasionally and when you turn onto McGuinness from Nassau, you can easily hit a pedestrian because drivers try to drive around each other, or speed through yellow lights. Walking through can be just as scary seeing how cars don’t seem to have much concern for pedestrians. I doubt many of these old people pay attention to these concerns instead focusing of making things convenient for themselves. Do they walk through their during rush hour?? If they did, then they’d understand.

    If there’s a lack of enforcement of speed limits, the community should be enraged at the police force then, not DOT. Their idea was to fix that intersection, which was shot down without letting them speak. Plus, it’s a fact pedestrian refuges have had a positive effect at calming traffic. I advise you and the community to read up on examples of this implemented throughout the city. Instead of moving forward they want to stay complacent. I’m ashamed of this community I live in caring for their personal convenience rather than individual lives.

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