LAST GASP: Holy Shit

Yours truly has received a number of quite frankly incredible emails over the last seven days. Follows is the latest from a chap named Chris. He writes:

hey- a little birdie told me that while digging in the backyard of the church yesterday on kent street, a priest discovered a human skull!! police came, investigation ensued and upon further excavation a secret buried tunnel was discovered between the church and a neighboring home!! i don’t know how or what is true, but i thought you’d be interested.. hope all is well…

Guess what folks?

IT’S TRUE! Albeit with a couple of clarifications/tweaks:

  1. A skull and finger were found next door the the Church of the Ascension, not on the premises. Apparently the man was doing work on his backyard and made this discovery.
  2. No mention of a tunnel was made by the people I spoke to.
  3. The bones are purported to be “old”. Exactly how old is anyone’s guess. After all, we are talking about an area which was settled in the 17th century.

Interesting archeological find or the remains of some grisly deed from the Garden Spot of old? Only time will tell— but I have been told a New York Times reporter was on the scene today so hopefully he (or she) will dig up something (no pun intended). Otherwise, as I opined to a neighbor when he mused how these remains found their way to 119 Kent Street’s backyard:

Given that we’re talking about fingers I’m guessing they didn’t walk there.

UPDATE, May 31, 2011: I have been told by a reliable source that one Joe Vance (who it should be noted is a board member of OSA) once owned the house where these remains were found and was questioned by the F.B.I. Obviously the authorities are taking this matter very, VERY seriously and leaving no stone unturned. Wow.

Miss Heather


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  1. rodmur on Sun, 29th May 2011 8:42 pm
  2. Wow… CSI Greenpoint. 😉

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