From The Brooklyn Daily Eagle Archives: Greenpoint Porcelain?

(And I ain’t talking toilets!)

I have had a number of interesting conversations this week. One of them came to pass as I was purchasing an ice cream sandwich. The proprietor of said establishment was rather amused when I had to pull a rather large vase out of my bag in order to secure the funds ($1.50) to pay for this item.

I explained that I had found it at the intersection of Havemeyer and North 9 Street, thought it rather lovely; and given the rather low risk for bedbugs opted to bring it home. He agreed that it was quite nice and added he had once toured a ceramics facility as a youngster. Being the Greenpoint history dork I am I informed him that the Garden Spot was once the home to a first class producer and purveyor of such products.* He seemed incredulous at this revelation but I assured him that this was in fact true. Follows is an item from the August 29, 1886 edition of the Brooklyn Daily Eagle to back me up. It is a rather long but nonetheless interesting read for a rainy day. Enjoy!

On a lark I did a little searching online to see what, if any, specimens of Greenpoint ceramics could be found online Follows are a few:

1. The Bicentennial vase at left was recently up for auction at Heritage Auctions.  It is rather stunning if you ask me. Its estimated value was placed between $6,000 – $9,000 (and it didn’t sell).

2. The item at right (a Liberty cup and saucer) comes courtesy of the new Brooklyn Daily Eagle. Do give their tome about Union Porcelain Works a read. It’s fascinating!

3. Last, but hardly least, those of you who want to own a little bit of Garden Spot history (and have $200.00+ to spare) should check out this rather lovely Art Nouveau oyster plate for sale on Ebay!

I’d say in the clarity of 125 years of hindsight Greenpoint porcelain has avenged itself rather well!

Miss Heather

*Among other things. These will be the subject of later posts!




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