From The New York Shitty Inbox: A Plea From The McCarren Dog Run

The headmistress of the McCarren Park Dog Run, Christine, writes:

Good afternoon Heather,

I can’t tell what a soul crushing pain in ass this project has been … This week we got the news that we need another $4k for it.   After months of asking our contractor to include every cost into their budget and such, we found out the they didn’t include excavating the dog run of nearly a foot of chips and such from the whole dog run before they could start.    It is gonna cost another $4k … not being one to give up BUT feeling pretty defeated and actually having some very dark thoughts … I reached out to the dog run community … Can you help spread the word?  …We are in a challenge grant period right now raise a $1k get $1k from Must Luv Dogs.  We have got 36 hours to do it.   Must Luv Dogs is the latest of supportive pet stores to help.  Others who have helped are PS9 and NYC Pets.  These 3 stores have shown a level of generosity that is amazing.

Here’s the deal (once again), folks: this project, which has all the necessary permits in place, can either break ground this month or be postponed due to a lack of funds. As Christine has made clear, a few local businesses have stepped up to the plate to help make this (much overdue) project happen. One such establishment is Must Love Dogs and to this end they are offering a matching grant of $1,000.

The deadline is midnight, October 2nd— that’s tomorrow, so time is of the essence! You can tender your donation(s) via the McCarren Dog Run’s ChipIn widget on their web site or via PayPal at:

Let’s make this happen, Greenburg dog lovers!

Photo Credits: billy l.




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