Greenpoint Halloween Watch: 97 Russell Street Represents!

That’s right folks: the Halloween decorating (courtesy of a wonderfully sweet lady named Beverly) has begun.

It’s looking good!

Ghoulishly good!

As happenstance would have it, I bumped into the head of the 94th himself, Deputy Inspector Hurson, just around the corner on Driggs Avenue. I asked him if he had checked out this display. He had not. However, he did state that he had checked out 648 Humboldt Street. He was impressed— and rightfully so!

I took a moment to tell the folks responsible for this ever-growing display that I really liked the “day care” tableau (as seen above) and the girl in the pink dress reminded me of Courtney Love. They found this quite amusing— but added with a wink that this year might be their final run. I suspect I speak on the behalf of a number of north Brooklynites when I write:

Say it isn’t so!

To be continued…?


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