Greenpoint Photos du Jour: On The Waterfront

October 19, 2011 by
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Here are your benches, Greenpoint!

Go to the end of Java Street at look at ’em for yourself.

A lass named Sherry opines:

The “park” was open during Nuit Blanche a few weeks ago…Was the only time I’ve ever seen the “park” — in quotes since it’s so dismal — open.

Your tax dollars at work, folks!

UPDATE, October 20, 2011: I got the 411 on this situation from an anonymous tipster!

First, this is not a city park – it’s a pop up park allowed by the owner of the property and partially funded by OSA. So, no tax dollars at work.  HOWEVER, the reason it isn’t open, is because neither the Parks Dept nor OSA have anyone or are willing to delegate anyone to go over there every day and unlock it…

So there have you: public property (benches, as funded by our tax dollars) is locked up on private property and therefore unusable because our Parks Department/open space “advocacy” group cannot get their shit together.


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