New York Shitty Photos du Jour: HUMBUG!

Isn’t it refreshing to see our Parks Department is taking on the serious issues manifest in our precious few public spaces? Here’s what the tree’s creator, Julian Cole, has to say about this sad turn of events:

Hey Heather,

I just wanted to say a massive thank you for covering the Brooklyn Christmas Tree, I did it as a little side project and your posts really helped it get to a much wider audience. I was sad to learn they took it down but it was good fun process. I am planning to do more small projects about Williamsburg next year so I will make sure to keep you in the loop when I do.
Happy Christmas

So there have you. If I had to hazard a guess I’d say the amount of time and manpower it took to remove this piece of holiday cheer the Parks Department could have, should have (for example) purchased and installed one toilet seat at a women’s comfort station under their care. But there I go employing logic again. Logic as we citizens know it does not apply to our civil servants. Hence why after waiting over a month for our Parks Department to replace a toilet seat at Jaime Campiz Playground, I found it more logical (and expedient) to do it myself.

What makes McCarren Park— and this community in general— worth visiting (in my humble opinion) are the random acts of kindness (and yes, mischief) its citizens choose to bestow upon it. Mr. Cole’s Christmas tree is one such example. I for one (and mind you, I write this as an agnostic) think his was a lovely project. It amused and, more importantly, engaged our community. Yet it was removed— by those who purport to serve us.

On that note it should be Known, gentle readers, that our Parks Department wants your feedback as to what brings you to McCarren Park!

“Others” can make your voice “heard” herehere, and here.


7 Comments on New York Shitty Photos du Jour: HUMBUG!

  1. no no on Sun, 18th Dec 2011 6:05 pm
  2. They can find the manpower to take down a harmless display of holiday cheer, remove the word vagina from a tiny plaque commemorating the felled Vagina Tree; but they can’t find the time to rake up the foot of leaves in McGolrick which killed all the grass underneath them. Volunteers did their job for them. The brain trust of North Brooklyn Parks decided that leaves were self mulching and should be left down to rot. Yes, they will rot and kill all the grass underneath it. I am certain Stephanie Thayer will be right on top of re-seeding the areas affected with those copious amounts of fundraising and grant monies she works so hard to get. I mean concerts. I hear she’s out of a job soon anyway. Maybe we’ll get someone with some actual experience running city parks next go round.

  3. missheather on Sun, 18th Dec 2011 6:26 pm
  4. And let us not forget being unable or more likely unwilling to replace a toilet seat at a women’s bathroom at a playground. Priorities, no no.

  5. no no on Sun, 18th Dec 2011 6:33 pm
  6. She stands. What would she care?

  7. Lisanne! on Sun, 18th Dec 2011 9:23 pm
  8. Somebody doesn’t realize that you don’t pick the flowers that make Greenpoint the Garden Spot Of The World!

  9. missheather on Sun, 18th Dec 2011 9:25 pm
  10. Lest I have not made it clear before: I love you and your take on things Lisanne!

  11. Lisanne! on Sun, 18th Dec 2011 9:30 pm
  12. I love Greenpoint and you have inspired me to creatively expressed that and I love you for that. You bring out the best in people.

  13. dog owner on Mon, 19th Dec 2011 12:05 pm
  14. you know she’s got a big job so easier to fix the things closest to one’s home.

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