Noteworthy: Java Street Garden

Last November this project was to be presented to our Community Board’s Parks & Waterfront Committee. Alas, it was withdrawn at the last minute. Nonetheless my curiosity was piqued— so you can imagine my delight when I walked by 59 Java Street recently to discover the above missive. Not only does this endeavor have its own web site (which you can peruse by clicking here), but as I learned they need our help!

$999.00 is (all things considered) quite a modest sum to get this nifty project rolling. Those of you who have a few dollars to spare can make a donation by clicking here. In closing, I’ll leave you with this, their mission statement:

We are a group of local residents–among us are landscapers, gardeners, architects, community advocates, and project managers–who have come together to form the Java St Garden Collaborative.  We seek to develop the vacant public land at 59 Java Street, vacant now for at least a decade, into an open green space for the community at large to enjoy.   Located just one block from the East River ferry terminal at India Street, we expect visitors from all over, not just from within Greenpoint.

Our mission is to establish and build the following:

  1. A living laboratory with such projects as environmental-  or phyto-remediation, design development, a self-contained composting system, just for starters
  2. A much-needed open green space with regular hours open to the public
  3. Collaboration with local businesses and community organizations in supporting the growth of the area
  4. Participation of local volunteers who wish to gain experience in gardening, landscaping, and all projects ongoing within the space

Anyone wishing to learn more or volunteer should contact the folks at Java Street Garden via email at: javastgarden (at) gmail (dot) com.


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