From The New York Shitty Inbox: On The Subject Of Car Alarms

One fact of Greenpoint life to which I have become acclimatized is the constant cacophony of car alarms. Such was the case last Friday night when I had the dubious pleasure of listening to one perform its duty for an entire hour. While certainly annoying, I and my neighbors have learned to ignore them. Given the original purpose of these devices (alerting the owner of said motor vehicle to theft as opposed simply annoying the piss out of people), I find this phenomenon rather amusing: in the time elapsed a properly motivated individual could have easily unburdened the automobile in question of its contents or take it outright. Such is the price one has to pay for urban living.

But what happens if, say, the alarm in question persisted with its dulcet crooning for twelve hours straight? Well, just this came to pass recently and the unfortunate neighbors of said automobile— despite calling 911 repeatedly— received no relief whatsoever. So they took matters into their own hands. You know how the adage goes:

The pen is mightier than the sword.

First, I present the polite approach. The choice of stationery is a nice, if subtle, touch.

Here a visual aide has been employed.

And moving forward a deterrent never hurts.

Special thanks goes out to Al who forwarded these missives to me. He writes:

Hey Miss Heather! Here are those car alarm photos we were talking about yesterday.. feel free to blog them. Pretty funny notes. This took place on Java between Manhattan and Franklin.


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