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It would appear my intelligence was correct: not only have the folks at Open Space Alliance (“OSA”) deemed a change in leadership was in order, but we are currently without a Parks Administrator here in Community Board 1. I suspect I speak on the behalf of many when I wish Ms. Thayer the best of luck in her future endeavors. The responsibilities she shouldered as both our Parks Administrator and Advocate (via OSA) were a herculean task. These should have never been delegated to a single person.* Moving forward, I hope this change will:

1. be a valuable first step in addressing the manifold number of management and maintenance issues in our parks.
2. help heal the rift between Parks administration and public they serve (and contrary to what Mr. Kavanaugh’s comment intimates, this is a big problem).
3. serve as an impetus to motivate our Community Board (and foremost its Parks & Waterfront Committee— hear me, Mr. Caponegro?) to take a more aggressive role in advocating the public’s interests in regards to our open spaces.

(You can read the Post’s tome by clicking here.)

*What’s more, it posed a colossal conflict of interest.


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