From The New York Shitty Inbox: And Now A Word From Our City Councilman

This evening I was forwarded a most interesting piece of campaign literature which is being distributed at our local housing projects from an anonymous tipster. Without further ado, here it is:

Note that a cell phone number has been provided. So, I suppose, one can ask questions.* I wonder why nothing like this was circulated in Greenpoint? Anyone?

*Or simply pass it along— with a fully changed cell phones with unlimited minutes— to 50th Assembly District youths and tell them it belongs to Santa Claus. Not that I recommend this, mind you.


7 Comments on From The New York Shitty Inbox: And Now A Word From Our City Councilman

  1. eagle_teater on Thu, 23rd Aug 2012 9:49 am
  2. “Welcome my friend….welcome to the machine!!”

  3. missheather on Thu, 23rd Aug 2012 9:58 am
  4. I get a chuckle out of Mr. Olechowski flogging his relationship with the Polish Slavic Center. He does not mention that the PSC’s “meals on wheels” program is operated by the Bushwick Ridgewood Senior Citizen’s Council (READ: Vito Lopez and friends) or that his campaign manager was the (ostensible) leader of the “group” who were responsible for the shitshow regarding the Polish Slavic Center’s Cafeteria getting a license to sell wine and beer (they were against it). I can assure you, that whole affair was NOT about the right to sip suds.

  5. missheather on Thu, 23rd Aug 2012 10:27 am
  6. Oh yeah: here’s a fun question for Mr. Olechowski (given his claim to be an environmental activist): why wasn’t he at this meeting a few months ago?

  7. SinceritySearching on Thu, 23rd Aug 2012 12:17 pm
  8. The answer is simple, geography:

    For Assembly district 50 – there is no Public Housing in Zip Code 11222.

    Cooper Park is in assembly district 53

    The other Public Housing in Assembly district 50 are all with Zip code 11211 (in southside)

    There are a couple of Non Development sites on Ash and Box. but that’s it.

    For more information go here.

    No great mystery here.

    It is a great mystery why a bunch of people that think they are democrats blocked a homeless shelter using standard GOP scare tactics the other year.

    For course, just because they say they are Democrats, you and I know, actions speak louder than words.

  9. Eric Brasure on Thu, 23rd Aug 2012 2:47 pm
  10. Male State Committeeman? Who’s running for Female State Committeewoman? Is this the kind of attention to detail we can expect from these jokers?

    “If you haven’t met him yet, I hope you will meet him soon.” Doubtful. I’ve never laid eyes on Chris Olechowski. Meanwhile Lincoln Restler came to my apartment because I signed his petition. Not saying that fact makes him a better candidate, but he certainly seems to respect all the voters.

  11. Eric Brasure on Thu, 23rd Aug 2012 3:14 pm
  12. Well, there IS indeed a Male and Female State Committeeperson for each district. That is so counterintuitive to how American democracy works that I could not even imagine it to be correct. That or I’m just stupid.

    I still maintain that Male State Committeeman is, um, redundant.

  13. missheather on Thu, 23rd Aug 2012 5:26 pm
  14. To answer your question really quick, Eric: Linda Minucci is running unopposed. As you may recall, last time around Kate Zidar and another woman whose name eludes me ran against Ms. Minucci.

    SinceritySearching: Thanks for giving me such a detailed rundown. It is greatly appreciated (as is you refraining from calling me “so-called liberal carpet-bagger”. That was not very nice.). Regardless, it is apparent I did not make my question clear (enough) so I will attempt to do so again:

    Why isn’t Christopher Olechowski (be it directly or through a third party) encouraging Greenpoint/Williamsburg residents to call him with questions?

    I suspect I know the answer to this but I’ll refrain from tendering it. Nonetheless, a lot of people here have questions for him. Foremost among them:

    1. Why are you claiming a leadership role in the fight against the TGE plant when there is ample evidence to the contrary that you had a titular role at best?
    2. Will you consent to a debate with Lincoln Restler?

    I know for a fact a number of citizens have fielded these questions to him via email. None have yet to get an answer. (Hence why someone has taken the trouble to create an online petition in the hope of encouraging Mr. Olechowski to agree to a debate. This can be seen here:

    As for the matter of 400 McGuinness:

    There’s a number of reasons why people have voiced opposition to this facility. Some are very well-reasoned and sensible, others not so much. Nonetheless, they are entitled to their opinions— however repulsive or ill-founded they may be. Speaking for myself (having had time to watch this unfold and really think about it) there were/are two key issues:

    1. This facility is sited in a community which has a serious homeless problem. One which BRC did not seem interested in addressing. This of course has since changed. They are allocating 20 beds for our local homeless. I think this is great!
    2. The lack of any dialogue/communication with the community, be it via elected officials, our Community Board, etc., on BRC’s part. If there’s one thing that will make the collective imagination of a community go wild, it is a sense of powerlessness coupled with a dearth of knowledge. BRC has (somewhat) addressed this by having some neighbors of this facility tour 400 McGuinness. That’s the good news. The bad news they did so after opening said shelter and not telling anyone— not our electeds, not our community board, no one. Here’s the deal: regardless of whether or not one is for or against this facility, he/she had the right to know when it was opened. This did not happen. Methinks the term I am looking for here is transparency.

    As for Mr. Olechowski’s stance on the matter of 400 McGuinness (not that you asked), this can be ascertained in this article from the Wall Street Journal:

    “This neighborhood has been growing tremendously and has a
    developing waterfront with a lot of investment behind it,” said Christopher Olechowski, chairman of Community Board 1. “I don’t think those involved with the proposal realize how much it will affect property values as well as the quality of life of residents.”

    In closing— and I suspect you are not aware of this— but it is my understanding that Steve Levin’s office is (more or less) spear-heading/serving as a point-person(s) for the lawsuit aimed at fighting 400 McGuinness. Interesting, yes?

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