Spotted At 195 Franklin Street: Closed For Good?

October 15, 2012 by
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The old(er)-timers reading this tome might recall this establishment’s previous incarnation: the Greenpoint Coffee House. This establishment was quite popular and its closure was the source of much distress— and anger— to a great many people in this community. If what I saw passing by on any given day was any indication, it would appear that its successor never quite caught on. As for what will happen next— that is for us to wait and see. The sign clearly states that while closed for good, a new restaurant will open under new management next year. Hmm…

Garden Spot Cafe
Status: closed, pending new management
195 Franklin Street
Brooklyn, New York 11222

Special thanks goes out to eagle_teater for tipping me off to this. Thanks!


2 Comments on Spotted At 195 Franklin Street: Closed For Good?

  1. h0h0h0 on Mon, 15th Oct 2012 11:21 am
  2. I avoided visiting this place after the change of ownership; i avoided it after reading about all the crazyness around the closing of the Greenpoint Coffee House and on the advice of some people who had visited it saying it was the worst of suburban deli traits (bad chairs with coffee cups metal stamped out the back). All of my brunch time went to Brooklyn Label after that.

    Hopefully something fun can arise in that spot!

  3. brendanjordan on Wed, 24th Oct 2012 12:36 pm
  4. I was very upset when the landlord pushed out the Greenpoint Coffee House. That was a great place. The Garden Spot Cafe was a terrible attempt by the landlord to cash in on the former business’s popularity. They began by scrubbing everything that was great and unique about it completely away. They established a cookie-cutter eatery and expected the crowds to still show up. I tried it a couple of times, just in order to judge them fairly, but they were terrible. The food was sub-par, the severs didn’t know the menu. They were out of half of the things listed on the menu. Just. Terrible.

    The last time I went into the place was one morning the week the East River Ferries began service. I thought “they say they’re open for breakfast, I’ll get something quick there to take on the ferry.” Nope. There was a woman behind the counter, but she told me the coffee wasn’t put on until 8:30, and the grill person was not expected in until 9. I mentioned that they were right on the way to the East River Ferry, and that they’d probably get more business if they were prepared to capitalize on the commuters walking by. She looked at me and said “oh yeah, maybe that would be a good idea,” in a way I could tell meant she could not care less.

    They deserved to fail, and I am happy they did.

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