Happy Halloween From New York Shitty!

(Or: 380 Days & Counting!)

Greenpoint Avenue Teddy Close Up

Halloween Teddy

I can think of no better way to celebrate Halloween in Greenpoint than paying tribute to the Greenpoint Avenue “teddy bear”. As you can see, I gave the furry fellow proper attire for the occasion. This I did yesterday. What’s more, gentle readers, I have the approval of the person who put him there in the first place! This came to pass last weekend while I was headed over the see the new Banksy piece hereabouts.

Me (ensuring the safety of said teddy—  Banksy has “preservationists”—so why shouldn’t this fellow?)
A fellow we’ll call “F” (grabbing a smoke nearby): You like my bear?
Me: You’re the person behind this?

“F” assured me he was— and went on the explain that he saw bear on top of one of the garbage cans on a rainy night. He felt it would be a waste to simply have it go to the dump so he placed in this window and it has been there ever since. He went on to note:

He’s been there for about a year now.

Me: He’s been there for over a year. I have been keeping track.

“F” went on to say he’s surprised how this bear has become an “interactive” community project— and that he was disappointed that the stuffed kitty has since disappeared. He then mused pondered the meaning of  the bear’s “helmet” (the fur creature which has found its way atop said bear).

I noted that maybe this was his “thinking cap” and pointed out that this bear has been a fascinating testament to what happens when one is subjected to the corner of Franklin Street and Greenpoint Avenue 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. If he has a brain (and this cannot be ruled out)…

it probably looks like this now.

“F” laughed at this.

Informed my new friend that come Halloween time I was going to dress said bear “up” for the occasion. He felt this to be a sterling idea. (Obviously I did.)

Before parting ways I asked “F” if this bear had a name.

He replied:

“Jail Bear”.


So there have you.

Happy Halloween Greenpoint (and New York City)!

P.S.: Special props go out to a lady sitting a parked SUV on Greenpoint Avenue watching me install “Jail Bear’s” Halloween attire and documenting it. She was laughing her ass off. That’s the Greenpoint spirit!


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