New York Shitty Photos Du Jour: 122 Meserole Avenue’s Amazing Technicolor Fence


As this post intimates, yours truly loves to see old things rehabilitated and/or transformed into something “new”. One need only look at some of the new “architecture” hereabouts to illustrate my point. Newer is not always better. It may be easier and more lucrative, but the trade off is it is (more often than not) uglier as hammered dog shit. But this is not about ugly things or even dog shit. This is about something that brightened up my day in a serious way.

122 Meserole Avemue

I present for your viewing pleasure the fence gracing the premises of 122 Meserole Avenue. I know what you’re thinking, gentle readers:

This does not look so awesome. What’s the big deal?

Looking north

As is often the case with such nuggets of joy this is best enjoyed in person— still I will endeavor to convey the awesomeness.

Rainbow Fence

Simply put, strips of plastic have been strung through this old-school chain-link fence creating a riot of color!

Sign 2

Perhaps the purpose of this project was utilitarian, e.g.; discouraging folks from chaining their bikes to said fence? Or not? Regardless, it is really not important.


Rather what is important is even the most mundane of things can, with some “vision”, creativity and good ol’ elbow grease, be turned into a thing of beauty that all can enjoy. What I love about this creation is its simplicity. Big things can come from “thinking small”. I give this creation two enthusiastic New York Shitty thumbs up!


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