Spotted In Long Island City: Something Neat

Today, dear readers, I could not resist stepping away from the keyboard and stepping out into the industrial hinterlands of southwestern Queens. This is something I have been meaning to do for sometime as I always find something interesting and unexpected. This morning was no different.

It was at the entrance of the footbridge under the Queens Midtown Expressway that I stumbled upon a garden.

The Footbridge Garden, to be precise.

Here are some marigolds.

As I continued exploring I quickly learned I was not alone. This bee was enjoying a little breakfast…

and it would appear this urban oasis is presided over by a custodian of the four-legged variety.

Make that a very well fed custodian of the four-legged variety! Those are some damned nice dishes. I wonder if he (she?) got them at Ikea?

Miss Heather


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  1. rowan on Tue, 16th Nov 2010 8:15 pm
  2. I find the imitation smoke coming out of the chimney an especially clever touch.

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