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What I love about this blog (which hails from the East Village) is encapsulated by the above photograph. Before you, dear readers, get your self-righteous feathers in a ruffle you best look at the entire post. This site isn’t about vilifying or making fun of the homeless.


Neither Nor More Less showcases the disparity between the “New York City” run by and for the affluent and, well, the less photogenic people who actually live here. In the above example we see a well-to-do couple laughing while seemingly oblivious to a man pissing himself. The previous scenario is not dissimilar to what I see in Greenpoint or Williamsburg on any given day. What is transpiring in the East Village will and is happening in Greenpoint. Not that most of the people reading this will be around to see it. We’ll be “priced out”.


My question is how long can we afford to ignore them? Whether our (se)lected officials care to admit it the growing homeless population in our city deserves our attention and compassion. True civilization in my book is how we, as a people, care for those who cannot fend themselves. Be they two or four legged. In this regard our city has failed. Miserably.

Miss Heather


2 Comments on New & Noteworthy: Neither More Nor Less

  1. MaineBarnCat on Thu, 7th May 2009 10:19 am
  2. Hi, Ms. H.: Not to be a nag, but when you wrote, “…Yassky towed the line…” I think you meant [i]toed the line[/i]. Towing a line sounds like somthing a tugboat might be doing. With the utmost respect for your marvelous blog!

  3. al oof on Thu, 7th May 2009 9:31 pm
  4. while i definitely agree that we need to help the cities homeless population (and not just the drunken people who live on the street), i’m not sure what these pictures are supposed to illustrate. what were the people with the ice cream supposed to do? and what makes you describe them as well to do? i mean, obviously they have more money than the man on the ground, but that’s not usually what ‘well to do’ means.

    while i might have called 911 (i have in similar situations), i’m sometimes not sure if that is actually the right course of action, because frankly i don’t trust the police.

    i guess i just feel like these pictures aren’t illustrating what you want them to be illustrating. i didn’t see any reason to think that blog wasn’t patting itself on the back for no reason, either, since there is no text i have to wonder what the photographer ended up doing about the situation.

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