Behold The Power Of The Interwebs!

Not surprisingly my latest post about the New York Post has garnered a great deal of attention. Jeremiah’s Vanishing New York has given it a shout out. As has EV Grieve and Bowery Boogie. Before I continue I would like to take a moment to tender my sincerest gratitude to my friends in the East Village; their tribulations at the behest of the local print media have shown time and time again that this is not purely a “Brooklyn blogger” problem. The practice of claiming material from a blogger as one’s own is much more pervasive; if Maureen Dowd has been caught doing just this it begs the question as to how many of her brethren are also guilty— but simply have not been caught. Or called on it.

I mention the previous because over the last 24 hours I have noticed a number of incoming links that come from web sites whose subject matter is not “neighborhood bloggers” or “blogging”. Rather, their focus is on the institution of journalism itself. Among the previous— much to my amazement— is a journalism “think tank” at Harvard University.


What’s more, they have contacted one of the reporters who lifted my story and the New York Post’s public relations firm: Rubenstein Associates. Not surprisingly they have yet to hear back from either of the previous. You can read the rest of the above tome by clicking here.

Miss Heather

UPDATE: Snapper Patter, Techdirt, Gawker, Media Metamorphosis, Superpunch,, Citoyen Michel (click here to read in English) and Gothamist have thrown in their respective two cents! Thanks!!!

UPDATE, 9/10/09: Boniknik, The Desert Lamp, Manga Verdes, Mary Turck, Blogografia have joined the fray.


5 Comments on Behold The Power Of The Interwebs!

  1. eriatric on Fri, 4th Sep 2009 1:29 pm
  2. Awesome! I am really glad this is picking up steam!

  3. missheather on Fri, 4th Sep 2009 3:53 pm
  4. The Mister suggested I apply for a job writing for the Post and cite the number of times they have ripped off my blog as my “qualifications”. The more I think about it, the more I think he is onto something.

  5. bitchcakes on Sat, 5th Sep 2009 8:50 am
  6. You may also be entitled to some hefty retroactive pay!

  7. Zach Seward on Sat, 5th Sep 2009 11:30 am
  8. Thanks for the link! Just wanted to make sure you saw that I finally got a brief statement from the Post. A spokeswoman said, “The New York Post credits blogs, bloggers, and other media all the time, as our readers know.” Obviously, not in this case or many others that have been documented.

  9. missheather on Sat, 5th Sep 2009 9:13 pm
  10. Zack: Yeah, I noticed the update. Thanks!

    Ms. Halpin is full of crap; this is the 4th time I can recall her employer has lifted leads from my blog without citing it. I repeat: FOURTH.

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