New York Shitty Day Ender: Saturday Afternoon On Manhattan Avenue

May 1, 2010 ·
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Today a local character we at the junk shop know simply as “Plastico” (presumably due to his attraction to wares made of plastic) spent the afternoon regaling Manhattan Avenue with a taste of Little Poland. I have no idea what (if anything) he made in the way of tips, but it certainly provided a nice soundtrack to a balmy Saturday afternoon in the Garden Spot!

Miss Heather

What’s Up At 1008?

August 6, 2009 ·
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1008A number of my fellow Greenpointers have probably noticed activity at the long-vacant storefront at 1008 Manhattan Avenue (as seen at left). Well, I happened to be walking by recently and I asked the woman working inside, a very nice lady named Kim (who happens to be a Greenpoint resident in her own right!), what’s up. She told me she is opening a hair salon on the premises and hopes to be up and running in a few weeks— provided all the paperwork is in place.

Salon (name t.b.a.)
1008 Manhattan Avenue
Brooklyn, New York 11222

OPENING DATE: September-ish

Given how under-served north Greenpoint is in terms of businesses— ANY BUSINESSES*— that serve the needs of the community this may very well prove to be a positive development. What’s more, this establishment will be run by a Greenpointer for Greenpointers— and I think that’s pretty darned neat! Why not swing by and wish Kim luck?

Miss Heather

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