Spotted On Greenpoint Avenue: Hooliganism

March 14, 2012 ·
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After I took the above photograph a gentleman who works at this establishment asked me what I was doing. Given the relations between this business and its neighbors (especially those residing in the condominium next door) are “chilly”, I decided a direct (but light) approach was in order.

Someone has affixed a middle-aged balding man to your building.

I said. The man looks up. I added:

That’s Phil Collins.

This observation, for reasons not completely clear, precipitated a fit of impish laughter from his person. He thought this was really funny.

Perhaps, as the sign indicates they are in a new line of work: Live Poultry Laughter? In any case I spied a few new/modified Phils while passing at the Greenpoint Avenue entrance of G train shortly thereafter.

Although the fez is amusing…

I, as a Greenpointer, found the Pope’s miter hilarious.

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