Spotted On Manhattan Avenue: Stuff Wanted

August 22, 2012 ·
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I stumbled upon this intriguing proposition while knocking along Manhattan Avenue this afternoon. Intrigued, I immediately looked up Ms. Rolsler’s project when I got home. It sounds pretty fun:

For her first solo exhibition at The Museum of Modern Art, New York–based artist Martha Rosler presents her work Meta-Monumental Garage Sale, a large-scale version of the classic American garage sale, in which Museum visitors can browse and buy second-hand goods organized, displayed, and sold by the artist. The installation fills MoMA’s Marron Atrium with strange and everyday objects donated by the artist, MoMA staff, and the general public, creating a lively space for exchange between Rosler and her customers as they haggle over prices. If customers agree, they may be photographed with their purchases. The project also includes a newspaper and an active website…. (You can read the rest here, folks)

Regardless of what you may think about conceptual art, gentle readers, Ms. Rolser wants your stuff— and on Saturday, August 25, between noon and 5:00 p.m. you can give it to her!

Bring Us Your Stuff
Saturday, August 25, 2012 Noon – 5:00 p.m.
155 Freeman Street
Brooklyn, New York 11222

From The New York Shitty Inbox: 155 Freeman Street

June 9, 2011 ·
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Some time ago I had reported that an artist’s space was slated to grace the above building. Well, if what I received in my inbox bright and early this morning is any indication, this is at long last going to happen! A chap named Peter Russo writes:

I’m writing to let you know about 155 Freeman, a newly renovated carriage house in Greenpoint. It was announced this past week that the building will house an arts-and-culture venue, opening doors later this summer.

The 2,000 sq. ft. storefront will become the home of Triple Canopy, Light Industry, and The Public School—three arts organizations which collectively present film screenings, musical performances, artist lectures, hands-on workshops, and more. All three groups previously shared a space on Livingston Street in downtown Brooklyn, which was featured in Paper Magazine…

Photos and a walk-through of the space are available upon request.

Feel free to write or call for further information.

Needless to say I was ALL OVER M. Russo’s offer and will be taking a walk-through of this space early next week! In the meantime here is a video from this organization’s Kickstarter page. Enjoy!


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