From The New York Shitty Inbox: More Ado About Belvedere

January 5, 2010 ·
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206kentRemember Anonymous, who was interested in purchasing a condo at Belvedere at XXVII? Well, he has done his homework and the prognosis looks good. For the most part. He writes:

Hope you’re enjoying a good new year.

I did my hw with the dob and while a belvedere property had construction workers urinating out the 3rd floor window (emphasis mine — Ed. Note), I didn’t see structural issues.

Pencil lofts have halted construction.

I’d break even with this purchase within two years vs renting.

I’ve been advised that locals may be anti cookie cutter condos due to the detractmemt of a neighborhood feel. I know is unbiased, so would you truly advise not to pull the trigger on this?

#1. Anonymous you are too kind: I am by my own admission biased against these properties.


#2. Especially when they are built by construction “professionals” who piss from third story windows. That’s just plain nasty!

Look at it this way: if the gentlemen working on this site have been observed urinating al fresco, it begs the question (in my mind, anyway) as to what they have been doing indoors— if you know what I mean.* The previous caveat having been written, I am happy you did your homework (even if I disagree with your decision) and it might be a good idea for you to have an inspector give the property a once-over before signing anything. Better safe than sorry.

Good luck— and welcome to the neighborhood!

Miss Heather

*I had to bust your chops over that one, Anonymous. That is simply too gross.

From The New York Shitty Inbox: Is Belvedere XXVIII For Me?

206kentAnonymous writes:

Miss Heather,

I came across your site while do some research on Greenpoint. Thank you for offering a not-so-tongue-in-cheek perspective of the neighborhood with great photos and frequent updates.

I am considering purchasing a condo in the Belvedere property at 206 Kent Street and would greatly appreciate any advice you may have. I’m twenty-three, work in midtown, live on the south shore of Nassau County and ready to move out.

My knee-jerk reaction: if you’re 23 years old and financially enabled to buy a condo I envy you. Secondly, I harbor a hatred for these buildings. The non-sequential (and increasingly cheaply constructed) dynasty that is Belvedere epitomizes the crapification of my neighborhood. Throw ’em up quick and cheap. The previous having been written, at least the air conditioning units are not on the balconies. YET. That’s becoming a more common feature nowadays.

Here’s the deal:

  1. Belvedere/Bridge Realty has been tossing these buildings up left and right in north Brooklyn. And the supply is NOT in keeping with demand. If you go to Calyer Street you will notice Belvedere VI— or is it Belvedere VIII— I cannot keep track— is advertising “luxury” apartments for rent. These apartments have been on the market for well over a year.
  2. Belvederes VI, VIII and XXVIII have one thing in common: a close proximity to McGuinness Boulevard. Inasmuch as I find this, the Champs-Élysées of Greenpoint, charming I would not to live close to it. ESPECIALLY given there is a fire station one block away from your condo in question and the largest waste treatment plant on the East Coast will probably perfume your balcony.
  3. If you work in Midtown and have the kind of budget I suspect you have, Anonymous, why trifle with this? Go to Long Island City. It’s a buyer’s market, you will have a direct commute to midtown (via the 7 train)  and get a beautiful park to boot!* My advice: haggle. HARD.

My two cents (and then some) having been tendered, I’ll leave this matter to my readers. Thoughts/advice, anyone?

Miss Heather

*What I find endearing about Greenpoint is not for everyone. Methinks Anonymous is one of them. What’s more, I hate to see someone get ripped off.

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