Williamsburg Degentrification Watch: Wythe Avenue

March 5, 2010 ·
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Some of you might recall 242 Wythe Avenue (as seen above) is the former site of the sales office of the 80 Metropolitan Avenue “Star Quality” luxury condominiums (better known to locals as a living tombstone to landmarks preservation process and a cynical attempt at PR spin). Yesterday I found myself at this very location. And in so doing unwittingly stumbled upon the nexus of a culture war of the highest Billyburg caliber (READ: sullen utterances of revolt scribed using sidewalk chalk and paint pen).

This is the item which first caught my eye. It hails from the far left side of the building just above the call box. One does not see a semi colon used nowadays. This is because most people do not know how to use them properly. My heartfelt kudos go out to the grammar teacher who taught this person the correct way to connect an independent clause with an elliptical clause.

Now our intrepid chalkster (or chalkstreuse) has pointed out a potential pedestrian hazard. The natives are indeed getting restless!

The missive to the left reads “Shafer”. I have no idea what this means. The inscription to the right, however, is all too recognizable.

Of course, every opinion has its counterpart— and in post real estate boom Williamsburg they are conveniently located! In this case, next door.

Speaking as someone who has a MFA (and five figures of debt to go with it) I cannot help but wonder where the author of this missive is coming from.


Miss Heather


I have given our fair mayor a lot of guff of late. Today I was reminded of some of his notable achievements as I strolled the streets of Williamsburg. I felt a twinge of guilt. In the interest of giving credit where it is truly due I will showcase my finds here.


This is 224 Wythe Avenue. At a casual glance this may appear to be yet another half completed construction site/eye sore. I assure you this is not the case: upon closer examination you will learn it is much, much more!


I suspect I speak for many when I write that public lavatories are in short supply in north Brooklyn. Granted, this one is not appointed with toilet paper or soap— but then again most of the facilities around here aren’t. To its credit the Wythe Avenue crapper does sport a measure of much needed privacy and the orange safety fence is a nice touch.


There are a great many privies to be found in Williamsburg. All one need to do is look for them. Above is my personal favorite. It hails from North 9 Street.


This brings a whole new meaning to the phrase “full of shit”. I don’t know about you but I’d be exhausted after discharging such a copious amount of effluvia from my body.


Thankfully someone has been kind enough to donate a mattress to this al fresco pissoir.


But Bloomblight need not be so abject. It can also be uplifting. Just take North 4 Street (as seen above), for example.



No longer need those prostheses? Freecycle ’em on North 4 Street. Someone else might!


I present for your peace of mind a piece of leg!


What in god’s name IS this?

Miss Heather

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