Greenpoint Photos Du Jour: 56 Dupont Street

Today, upon awakening with a serious case of the blues/blahs, I decided a walk was in order.

First on my itinerary was this tree on Dupont Street. It always makes me smile.

I mean, who could not enjoy this festively-fettled tree?

Especially when graced with an Imperial Walker, a jewel-topped cane and E.T.? There is, inasmuch as I can ascertain, neither rhyme nor reason to this menagerie of stuff— this is why I love it so. However recently something I have overlooked about this Garden Spot landmark was brought to my attention. Namely, the tale behind the tree. This was explained to me recently by a very kind lass.

She purchased this tree for Christmas at the C-Town on McGuinness Boulevard twenty years ago. The cost was (I suspect then a rather handsome sum): $5.99. Once the Yuletide season was over, she planted it.



I’d say she got her money’s worth— and then some! Stuff such as this (and story and wonderful people behind them), dear readers, are why I “blog” about this community I call home. It really is.

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