Mark Your Calendars: Community Board 1 Joint Public Safety & SLA Review Committee Meeting



Today yours truly decided to celebrate this, a one lovely May Day by taking a little sojourn through my community’s Industrial Business Zone. You can imagine my bemused interest, gentle readers, when I beheld the above liquor license hearing notice. The Corporation listed is Nineteen Twenty Four Incorporated. After checking the New York State Department of State Corporation Database and doing a little more poking around online, I discerned this is none other than Robertas. It would appear this establishment whose backyard garden, as some of you might recall, was recently the source of some controversy is seeking a liquor license for a backyard garden located at 268 Moore Street. Very odd.

Whether or not this is the same garden for which Robertas placed a Craigslist advertisement seeking an unpaid intern to oversee/maintain remains to be seen. Regardless of how you feel about this issue (and methinks I have just made my position quite clear), those of you who have something to say about Robertas as a neighbor should make it a point to attend this meeting. I have a creeping suspicion it will be quite lively.



Who knows, maybe “Wiener Buttface” will make an appearance? I for one can only hope so…

Community Board 1 Joint Public Safety & SLA Review Committee Meeting
May 9, 2013 starting at 6:30 p.m.
Community Board 1 Office
435 Graham Avenue
Brooklyn, New York 11211

*This solicitation was found objectionable by party poopers who support such concepts as Labor Law enforcement and do not think pizza— even that be had at this hallowed establishment— qualifies as compensation. (tongue firmly in cheek) Some folks simply do not have a sense of humor. Go figure…

Open For Business: Bombay Garden

June 19, 2010 ·
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After spending an entire week working myself into a frenzy over the prospect of having an Indian restaurant in the Garden Spot last night, dear readers, my wait came to an end. I and a small army of curry craving comrades went to Bombay Garden to dine. Follows are some highlights.

I don’t think I have ever seen a lassi quite this vibrant in hue. After some discussion we reached a general consensus it contained coconut milk and carrot juice. It was liked, however those seeking creamier more yogurty fare will probably be disappointed.

Of all the appetizers we ordered this one was arguably my favorite. It is called Bombay aloo tikkyas, but I prefer to call them Bombay latkas. Paired with coriander chutney they were rather tasty.

We also ordered pakoras and samosas. All were summarily consumed.

One item that tickled everyone’s— be they meat eaters or otherwise— fancy was the “chicken lollipop”. Although the Mister and his fellow carnivores were disappointed it didn’t come on a stick (which struck us all as being the point of the exercise) they found the tandoori-meets-lemon marinade flavor compelling.

Being a vegetarian myself I ordered baighun bharta (roasted eggplant) and shag paneer (spinach with Indian cheese). Truth be told the latter left me non-plussed. It was a bit too sweet for my taste. My advice: go with the eggplant instead.

The garlic naan was garlicky and blissfully bereft of grease. Big plus. As for the carnivores, the entree of choice was chicken vindaloo. It was seized upon with such ferocity I couldn’t even get a photo of it. But the biggest surprise of the evening came when we (re)discovered this establishment has a rather spacious patio for outdoor dining…

which is inexplicably decorated with a number of wood plaques for diner’s edification.

New York Shitty analysis:

  1. As probably anyone (and there were quite a few) who tried Bombay Garden last night will probably attest the service was painfully slow and somewhat disorganized, if gracious and polite. To cite an example: number of people in my group ordered mulligatawny soup. By the time our entrees arrived, alas, it had not. We canceled our order. I chalk this up to the first day doing business. Hopefully they’ll get the kinks straightened out as they get up and running.
  2. Jackson Heights caliber cuisine this is not. But this is not to suggest there are not items worth trying: there are.
  3. I know of no place in Jackson Heights— or New York City for that matter— where you can kick back curry while taking in the following piece of wisdom.

All in all, I’d recommend to anyone who wants to give this place a whirl to go at off-peak times or perhaps lunchtime until they get the waitstaff and kitchen better coordinated.

Bombay Garden
651 Manhattan Avenue
Brooklyn, New York 11222
(718) 383-0956

Miss Heather

Greenpoint Restaurant Watch: Bombay Garden Update

June 12, 2010 ·
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I have a confession to make: I have been casing this— Greenpoint’s first and only Indian restaurant— for weeks in the hope I would learn when they are going to open. Each and every time I have walked away disappointed. UNTIL TODAY!

I’m going to go out on a limb here and guess that “2020” is a typo. Only one more week, folks! In the meantime you can peruse their menu by clicking here.

Bombay Garden
Opening Date: Friday, June 18 2010
651 Manhattan Avenue
Brooklyn, New York 11222


Miss Heather

From The New York Shitty Inbox: Wish Fulfillment

April 11, 2010 ·
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Many of you recall that Socrates Diner closed its doors several months ago. There has been much speculation as to why this came to pass. Truth be told I am just as in the dark as you are. However, I can state with 100% certainly what is going to take its place. Brace yourself for some very  good news!

Jay writes:

From the sign in the window it looks like Socrates restaurant will soon become Bombay Garden. Glad to see an Indian restaurant but sorry to goodbye to the ol’ Greek place.

Yours truly (who has wanted an Indian restaurant in Greenpoint for some time) had to  see this with her own eyes. To this end I headed to 651 Manhattan Avenue without delay. Sure enough, he was right.

What’s more, when I walked by they were busy at work!

Bombay Garden
651 Manhattan Avenue
Brooklyn, New York 11222

I have no idea when Bombay Palace will opens its doors. However, I did get an E.T.A. for another restaurant-to-be in the Garden Spot.

Per a worker, Vamos al Tequila* will be opening in roughly three weeks!

Vamos al Tequila
Opening Date: ~May 1, 2010 (Perhaps in time for Cinco De Mayo?!?)
162 Franklin Street
Brooklyn, New York 11222

Miss Heather

*Which, as I reported two weeks ago, is rumored to be the brainchild of the folks behind 7A.

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