New York Shitty Day Starter: Sh*t In The Box

Yesterday I took a sojourn somewhere I have never ventured before: the wilderness of the Long Island City/Ravenswood waterfront around the 59th Street Bridge. It is not an area one would consider attractive.

At least not in a conventional sense of the word. Given the previous you can imagine my surprise when I encountered a hotel at the intersection of Vernon Boulevard and Queens Plaza South: the Ravel whose web site purports it be  “Long Island City’s First Luxury Boutique Hotel”. This may very well be the case, I wouldn’t know. But I can tell you I found its proximity to the Queensbridge Houses of particular interest. Curiously enough the folks at Ravel do not make mention of this on their web site. So it goes.

Long Island City is full of surprises. I certainly learned this yesterday. First it is a “luxury boutique hotel” across from a housing project, then it was this on 44th Street: a construction site for yet another hotel.

But this is not the only thing going on here. Which brings me to the item indicated by the above arrow. It is a box.

A very, very special box…

or to use Long Island City parlance (to bastardize Black Adder):

The very latest in front-wall, fresh-air orifices appointed with an imported wide-capacity corrugated repository.

Miss Heather

New York Shitty Day Ender: Heart Walk 2009


This was brought to my attention by my colleague, fellow Greenpointer and participant in this event: Bitchy Bluestocking. Here’s the general rundown per her email:

As some of you may know, I joined a fitness class at the Greenpoint YMCA this summer. Punk Rope is an incredibly fun, butt-busting workout, and its founder, Tim Haft, regularly volunteers his rope-jumping expertise at community events. I recently helped out at the Astoria Water Walk, and there were a lot of happy faces during our demonstration.

On Sunday, October 11, I will be joining team Punk Rope for Heart at the Brooklyn Heart Walk in Prospect Park. This 5K will raise money for the American Heart Association, which gets the word out about heart disease and stroke, the country’s number one and number three killers, respectively. It also contributes to research on heart disease and trains millions of people in CPR and emergency cardiovascular care. It goes without saying that some of my teammates will be jumping the 5K, and Punk Rope will also be warming up the crowd…

Anyone interested in helping Ms. Bluestocking achieve her goal can do so by clicking here or by contacting Tim Haft via email at: tim (at) punkrope (dot) com


Miss Heather

A Park Slope Public Service Announcement

March 12, 2009 ·
Filed under: Brooklyn, Greenpoint Magic, Park Slope 


This nook (which is located underneath the F train at 4th Avenue) is not a urinal.

That is all.

Miss Heather

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