The Word On The Street: Meat


I have long been remiss sharing some of the rather interesting wireless networks to be found hereabouts (such as this one). This I discovered while walking home from the recent ULURP meeting.  As you probably notice, my apparel is festooned with kielbasa. This did not go unnoticed that rather contentious evening. I put it this way:

This meeting is all about making sausage. And making sausage is a very ugly affair.

Now jump forward to today, August 17, 2013. I go to the local McDonald’s (so as to use their ATM). While I am waiting— and WAITING— I spy this wireless network.

meat tree


Well, that would not be that interesting in and of itself. However, a short distance from there I happened upon a tree…

Meat Tree 1

And it had meat (specifically, kielbasa) in it.


So it goes in Greenpoint…

Another view

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