Reader Contribution du Jour, Part II: A Turkey’s Nest PSA

September 21, 2011 ·
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This photo was taken today, September 21st, by Sherry Wasserman. I wonder if “management” read the piece Brokelyn wrote yesterday admonishing people that the police read Yelp reviews? Hmm…

Reader Comment Du Jour: Halden Speaks

May 11, 2010 ·
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I like to bust Brooklyn11211‘s chops. A lot. It’s nothing personal. It is simply something I have to do. As the ombudswoman of the Garden Spot I feel it is my responsibility to remind Halden—and the world at large— that the Eastern District does, in fact, include Greenpoint. Halden’s sense of humor is pithy. As is mine. It’s a game we play. We’re friends and it’s in good humor.

But on occasion we disagree— or get flippant. This is one such case. Halden writes in regards to this post:

As bad as these are, they all look like fencing failures around empty lots. Not to belittle the danger of that, it was a bit scarier further south. Curbed has a picture of a wall collapse at the building going up on North 4th and Wythe (a project that always looked a bit tenuous, structurally). And on Kent between North 1st and Grand, a construction fence went down exposing a 15? deep foundation pit. It was a pretty crazy wind for well over 24 hours, so I’m sure there was more and worse elsewhere.

To wit I replied:

Better, worse, it doesn’t change the fact this unacceptable. If you want to see something downright scary go to 94 Bedford Avenue. It is all too obvious a great deal of the sidewalk is not adequately supported. It is buckling. This is especially true of the area around the B62 bus stop. I envision in my mind’s eye 10-12 people getting swallowed into that cess pit some day. As if public transportation patrons do not suffer enough indignities already.

Not content to let this pissing match be, I asked one of my Williamsburg moles to get shots of the fence in question. Here they are.

I like the sand (?) propping up (tipping over?) the fence while the sidewalk is sinking. This is one class operation.

Miss Heather

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